Emulsions/ Serums

Elevate your skincare with the excellence of Japanese emulsions and serums. Crafted with precision and innovation, our collection fuses traditional Japanese beauty rituals and advanced technology. Indulge in lightweight, deeply hydrating emulsions and potent, targeted serums to revitalize and rejuvenate your complexion. Unlock the secrets of Japanese skincare and experience the transformative power of these luxurious, complexion-enhancing essentials.


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Kose Decorte Lift Dimension Clarifying Toning Lotion 200ml - Japanese Skincare
Kose Grace One Wrinkle Care Moist Lift Milk 130ml - Japanese Skincare
Fancl Enrich Emulsion II Set-Purchase 30ml × 2 - Japanese Enriched Skincare
Kobayashi Seiyaku Keshimin Milky Emulsion (130ml) - Japanese Skincare
Sana Nameraka Isoflavone Facial Milky Lotion 130ml [refill] - Japanese Skincare