Foundations/ BB Cream

Discover the allure of Japanese foundations in our diverse collection, renowned for impeccable coverage and skincare benefits. Featuring top brands like Canmake, Shiseido, Koh Gen Do, and more, our range offers a variety of options to suit every skin tone and budget. From budget-friendly to luxury choices, our collection caters to different price points and coverage preferences, ensuring that there's a perfect match for everyone. With a focus on skincare-friendly ingredients and sun protection, our Japanese foundations address various skin types and concerns, providing options for lightweight, natural looks, full coverage, and SPF-enhanced formulas.Elevate your beauty routine with Japanese foundations that not only enhance your complexion but also nourish and protect your skin.


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Cezanne UV Foundation EX Plus EX3 Orcher SPF23/ PA ++ - Foundation Makeup - YOYO JAPAN
Cezanne BB Cream Pearl All In One Foundation P2 Natural Ocher SPF23/ PA ++ 40g - YOYO JAPAN
Cezanne Creamy Foundation Color 20 Natural Ochre SPF29/ PA +++ 28g - Face Makeup - YOYO JAPAN
Cezanne UV Foundation EX Plus EX3 Ocher SPF23/ PA ++ 11g - Japan Foundation - YOYO JAPAN
Rohto 50 Megumi BB Foundation SPF32/ PA + + + 02 Bright Color 45g - Face Makeup
Cezanne UV Foundation EX Premium EX2 SPF31/ PA +++ 10g - Japanese Foundation - YOYO JAPAN
Kanebo Kate Tokyo Powdery Skin Maker The Base Zero 05 30ml - Liquid Foundation Makeup
Shiseido Integrate Pro Finish Liquid Foundation Color 100 SPF30/ PA + + + 30ml - Makeup
RMK Highlighter Glow Stick 3.4g - Control Color Concealer Made In Japan Makeup
Sana Excel Skin Tint Serum ST01 Natural Ocher 10 SPF28/ PA + + 35g - Made In Japan Makeup
Sana Excel Skin Tint Serum ST02 Natural Ocher 20 SPF28/ PA + + 35g - Made In Japan Makeup